”In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Alomost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

Guys this was clearly stated in page 312 of a novel called ”The Eyes of Darkness” by ‘THE NEWYORK TIMES #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR, DEAN KOONTZ’.. Trust me fam, alot is in this novel to discover, thank me later.

History has it that this covid-19 abi is it covik 1.9”laughs” is repeating itself o. cant remember where i saw that but that will be story for another time. Might have to do my research properly on this particular matter..

But this our china brothers and sisters sef eating raw bats, frogs, chicken, lion and all sorts of uncooked diseases, yes o we cant possibly call them food na..*sigh*…See what they”ve brought upon the world.. Small creatures creating big issues..*angry face*..

This too shall pass!!!


Beloved brothers and sisters please, biko, abeg, ejo wetin concern virus with foodstuffs, fuel etc? please tell me how it affects them?

It is that bad that even traders who had goods from last year selfishly took advantage of the pandemic to inflate prices on their goods.. what is really wrong with nigerians sef? So i went to the market just the next day after the news of the corona virus was announced o, picked something which i was fully aware that the item is sold at a cost of 100 naira . Only for the shop owner to say ”madam na 150 naira now o” i paused a bit looked at him to ask him why, ”you know say na because of the corona virus wey dey out now” in the shop owners voice!!! Lmaooo…smh

Abeg was the item tested negative for corona virus that’s why the man had to top 50 naira? lol…wetin musa no go see for gate…*sigh*

But then again’THIS IS NIGERIA’… It is definately not a suprise to us…Or are you suprised??


Guys has anyone been to any of the isolation centres? especially the one at Onikan stadium in Lagos? chei too nice!!! Salute to Gov. Babajide Sanwolu, he sure did a lot of work there…

But wait o, that cote d Ívoire’patient that sneaked out, please where exactly did he go to? Smoke, exercise or what exactly abeg?.. lwkmd……. Fam this honestly isn’t a laughing matter o,  i know it’s not easy going through such trauma, but then again the securities at all these isolation centres should at alert abeg, what if he went out and raped someone? That’s how the virus will keep spreading like wild fire, because the lady in question might not be aware of where he came out from… chei(thinking out loud sha)…

For the records, please  i have not been to any isolation centre o, just seen them on TV….just imagine i go to take a look and i mistakenly cough..gbas gbos gbas…..if you know you know….lol!!!

How can i forget to salute the health workers, my bad!! To the health workers who risk their lives to fight the deadly Corona Virus, Thank You…You all are the TRUE HEROES..


This particular decision got me thinking hard o, not just for myself  but others too..*sad face*…

Those who work and get paid daily, schools and all? Trust me guys, alot of things and people will be affected. Dont get me wrong fam, The idea or should i say the decision is okay o, shebi the reason is to help contain the spread of the virus right? No wahala….

But guys we all know with this kind of decision in Nigria, #lockdown na only God got our backs o…Let me just leave this here….




”Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” Warren Buffet.

These are fearful times, the rich however are not sentimental, they are buying investments, seizing opportunities..

The masses are busy watching news and spreading fear. Stay woke guys, what you will become after all these craziness is over is up to you. Your money in the bank is daily loosing value. Invest in real estate, it’s about the realest thing you can get..

Use this opportunity of staying at home to be creative and productive, read investment books ….Property market will emerge stronger after the coronavirus crises…

For more information on how to be an investor,,, visit our website or call the numbers, 08179719850, 07038284275,08166623661, 08110981528.


Lastly guys, i couldn’t have left without saying this to you o,,, please and please let’s all adhere to the rules and advice from the NCDC instituitions( Nigeria Centre for Disease Control) …na beg i dey beg una..

  • Practice social distancing
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Make use of the hand sanitizer
  • Stay at home and stay safe

DNJ Cares….







Okay guysssssss, it’s about that time where we drop the pen for today…. please dont forget to drop your comments and also invite your buddies as well!! We’ll catch up some other time….*winks*


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  1. Bajepade says:

    We will like to know their budget on how much they spent on texts that we’ve been receiving.

  2. Rafiat says:

    Government no good, even the citizens no help matter by increasing the prices. My question for the citizens or let me say market sellers is that, are we in festive period?
    And for d government, upon all their direct and indirect taxes, they can not even take good care of the citizens in time like this.
    The most annoying part is that the politicians will come again during next election and fool masses and our people will still follow them.
    Nawa for Nigerian o

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