How to Avoid Getting Scammed when Buying a Property (House/Land)

It is no longer news that in today’s world, there are lots of people posing as realtors and land owners in order to dupe people. This is why as a prospective property buyer, you need to be very smart and street-wise in order to avoid being scammed. Reports have been made in recent times of how unsuspecting buyers have been swindled of huge amounts of money. We have made a list of things to avoid so that you don’t fall victim of scammers.


Avoid Being in a Hurry

Scammers are always in a hurry to close a deal. If you notice that a seller is rushing you to make payment unnecessarily, it is very important that you calm down and delay that payment in your own interest. It is very likely that you are dealing with a scammer and delaying the payment would help you to see clearly and notice loopholes.


Make Verifications

Before you make any payment for a property, go to their website and crosscheck to see that the account details you have matches the one on the website of the company you are dealing with. Some people might tell you that they are realtors who work with the company or they are sales agents for the company – tell them that you will rather pay to the company and inform the company later that you got your referral through them. This is a safer method that will help you to avoid being scammed.


Go for Inspections

Going for inspections is very important. Do not say you are too busy to go for an inspection. Always make sure to go and inspect what you want to buy. Some sellers would tell you that they have certain lands or buildings for sale, but when you ask to see it, they would suddenly disappear into thin air. Do not get carried away by pictures; make sure you see what you are buying. If possible, go with a surveyor or an architect to be genuinely sure before you make a purchase.


Engage the Services of a Lawyer

The cost of hiring a lawyer to help you sign off or complete a payment for a property may be high but it would be worth it in the long run. Fraudsters do not like to hear the word “law” or “lawyer”, so once you mention it to them, they would give excuses and leave you alone.


Be Sure that You Have All the Necessary Documents before Making a Complete Payment

It is advisable not to do an outright payment when you are paying for a property. Make sure that before you complete the payment for any property you have either the C of O from the seller or Governor’s Consent. You should also ensure that you have the survey plan for that property and the deed of assignment before you make a complete payment. Make sure that you have a well-documented and specified receipt as well. Doing all of these will prevent you from getting scammed.


We hope that you are able to avoid being scammed and it is easier for you to make payment and acquire a genuine property after reading this article. We do hope that you find this article helpful.


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