The benefits of getting intimate with your partner this season.


We say weather for two and baby for one right? But don’t worry, this is going to be a weather for two and probably no babies just enjoyment of the weather. I am sure you like the sound of that. So without deviating this time of the season is when our partners, home and away miss us more? My own personal advice is ” Do not allow him/her miss you too much because you know why? Not only is body warmth needed, *whispers* Having sex during the rainy season has its benefits! Yes you heard right! are you surprised? I was too. I am going to be listing the benefits so next time you are getting your freak on in this season, you know you are adding value to your health  *winks*. Without further delay, lets get right into the benefits!


1.  YOU NEED THE WARMTH: So obviously we all know a lot of people come up with the Flu in this season yea? But when you have someone to hold and get down with, its Flu byeee! because you know body temperature COLLABOrates and you both get warm and theeen you can talk to your clients without sneezing twenty times before saying a word.


2. RELAXATION: After the days hustle and bustle, inspections, talking to clients, sales here and there and then experiencing Lagos traffic…what other way is best to relax than basking in the warmness of your partner…hmm you like the thought of that right? OK! lets move on to the next one…



3. MORE CUDDLES: For those of us that are not fans of hot and sweaty sex *eewwww* you know the moment after sex where you are supposed to stay in bed and just cuddle and enjoy the moment but you cant because you feel irritated and just want to rush off to the bathroom to wash off all the sweat and everything washable? Now where’s the fun in that? The current weather is  perfect for that calm, long lasting, free of sweat sex to just cuddle and enjoy the moment. So hey! this is should be your favorite weather.


4. YOU GET HAPPY HORMONES: Now we all know “GOOD” sex gives you the happy vibes. Now rainy, wet sex gives you (drum rolls) even happier vibes. It is like you are entirely flooded and bamboozled with happy hormones (oxytocin and endorphins in surplus) and who doesn’t want to feel happy… not just happy “EXTREMELY HAPPY” after the days wahala? Definitely not me… I love that over the moon feeling you get after you have “Done the do” and i’m sure you do too.


5. MULTIPLE MUSIC CHOICES: I don’t know a weather that has so many romantic songs dedicated to it like the rainy season and if you’re a music lover like me, you wont have an issue coming up with a playlist that would set that mood right. If you have issues with coming up with a playlist, let me know and who knows? I may just help in my next article.


6. ORGASM GUARANTEED: I mean, you know, is like *laughs* with the right weather, the right songs to set the right mood… What could go wrong? What could actually go wrong? Please tell me..But one thing I know for sure, is that, this weather is a hit back to back for orgasms and with a “sabi” partner, you may be blessed with multiples of it.

In conclusion, the rainy season has been termed as the “FALL SICK” season by many because it is actually a season that affects the body system due to the cold air that comes with it but with all these I have explained, you may consider giving sex a chance or even chances this season  *wink* and enjoy bliss like never before. So hit the sheets! This season is only here for a while so you don’t want to miss the action!

Have fun staying warm and don’t forget your protections for my non married readers because I wont be there when you receive your reward. Lol.

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Now you know…

Yours Truly,

Lady B

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