The Benefits Of Off-Plan Property

Thinking of investing in the real estate sector!!! Excellent idea. But while choosing to buy property as an investment, it’s also important to look for two key attributes- capital growth and high returns, these can be achieved when purchasing off-plan.

The advantage of buying into off-plan property is that it allows the ability to negotiate great discounts either before the property is built or whilst construction is ongoing. Most investors often find off-plan property to be an incredible viable investment option.

Listed below are several benefits of purchasing off-plan property:


Your capital investment could have appreciated at or before the completion of the property. Those who purchase property off-plan benefit mostly from the house price growth. Say a property is purchased in 2020, but isn’t due for completion until 2022, when the property has finally been built, they will have seen their property grow in value each year.


This allows you the privilege of spreading payments over a period of time. Dependent on the developer and the property, some off-plan deals have the added benefit of staged payments. It also enables investors to purchase a property without a significantly large deposit.


Another advantage of buying off-plan is the ability to purchase at below market value. Some developers also offer the buyers additional discounts for investors purchasing multiple properties as an added incentive.

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