It has been raining cat and dog for the past month, and one way or another some of us have caught the flu and i bet you some will still get the flu ”no be swear” lol. Now for those of us that have been lucky to not catch cold, i will be sharing tips to avoid falling ill this season, and for those of us who have, don’t worry. I am here for you too. I will be sharing tips on how to get over the cold and how to avoid getting cold…again. You don’t want to talk to your clients and customers sneezing and blowing your nose or looking pale. Now lets move straight into business!




1.   DRINK A LOT OF WATER! : I know some of us do not know that drinking more water helps to relieve the cold. Well Doctor B is here to let you know that it does! So in addition to the importance of drinking a lot of water, relieving us from cold is another benefit. So please drink more of water, lots of it! and if you like, you can add a slice of lemon. It reduces your symptom and helps you heal faster. The key word for you here is ”Stay Hydrated”.



2.   TAKE VITAMIN C: Vitamin C is an important vitamin and antioxidant that the body uses to keep you strong and healthy. So if you caught the flu, it could mean you are low on vitamin C. The best thing now is to up your vitamin C intake through vegetables and fruits especially oranges and other citrus fruits. This helps to boost your immune system against all forms of cold.



3.   BREATHE IN STEAM! : This brings memories to me and i am sure it does to you too. Remember when we were kids and our mum will boil herbs in a pot, put our head close to it, cover us with thick wrapper and we are left with the hot pot or bucket and thick steam of smelling herbs under? yes.. that experience is never a good one for me because i always get burnt.. lol..  Anyways…. (Did it work for you then?) because, ”it may seem as though” that experience is another way to relieve your cold. Now, i am not saying you should put your head inside a pot of steam but you can just make a cup of really hot tea orrrrr just boil hot water, put it in a cup and inhale the steam. Better than the one of those days right? cool! when you do that it releases your stuffy nose and then give your body that heat it needs to get you relieved.



4.  DRINK HOT LIQUIDS:  Now apart from drinking enough water and inhaling steam, actual drinking of hot liquids help and in the naija way, the best hot liquid i can think of right now is pepper soup! yes you heard right and im sure you are already imagining a plate of hot and very peppery pepper soup.. yea it helps and if pepper soup is not within reach, put pepper inside hot water and drink! NO i’m just kidding.. take hot tea, hot water, hot pap .. etc. They relieve your congestion and soothe the inflamed lining of your nose and throat.



5.  REST! REST! REST! :  Now we know you have calls to make, clients to see, deals to close and every other thing you have to settle but hey! what can you do if you become totally down and can’t move or while talking to an important person you keep sneezing and blowing your nose? just imagine it….embarrassing and annoying right? That is why this is the time to take a breather and relax as this helps your body direct its energy to fighting off your infection.

I hope with these few tips of mine, we will be back up on our feet, march into the market place like bangdadadang to do great things! I have dealt with how to get fast relief from the cold, now we are up and about, we do not want to go back to that place of ACHU! ”yea sneezing” and for us who have manage to not catch it yet, we sure do not want to, so the next tips will be on how to avoid catching the flu. Oya lets go there…



1.   ALWAYS CARRY AN UMBRELLA: I know some of us are scared of umbrellas because we know that if that umbrella follows us out, it may not come back with us lol.. While some of us will say ”its not raining now that i am leaving home so it will not rain later”  *yimu*… you don’t want to be beaten by the rain, i tell you while on your way to a client or anywhere else. It is not a very nice experience especially for us ladies that sometimes wear light clothing lol.. you don’t want your clothes sticking to every part of your body or your inner showing because the rain has made the cloth lighter and then the person we are going to see now happens to be a male client…then you have to start explaining how it wasn’t your intention to pass the wrong message because of what rain has done to your outfit ”LOL”. If you catch cold easily, this should be your priority now. AN UMBRELLA. Thank God for the fancy ones they make nowadays so you have no excuse like ”its too big, i cant carry it”. So please, your number one luggage should be your umbrella.


2.   EAT HEALTHY: This another easy way to run from catching the flu this period. Eating right especially hot soups to revive your body and vitamin C enriched foods can help boost your immune system in this season. Eating food is important but eating the right food this season is importanter.



3.   WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY: We all know that regular washing of hands keeps germs that can cause illnesses away from us so, that relates to avoiding the flu especially if we have been around those that have the flu and have made direct contact with them. Washing our hands is the best way to prevent viruses that could harm us health-wise.



4.   STAY HYDRATED:  There is no over emphasizing of this point and how important it is to our health. Keep your hydration level up by drinking up to 6 or 8 glasses of water daily. This helps to circulate blood which leads to a strong immune system against all forms of cold.



5.   AVOID RUSH HOUR MOVEMENT:  Some one will ask ” is this possible in Nigeria especially Lagos?” another person will say ”’ko le werk” lol do not worry, Its doable and i will tell you how. Heavy rain comes with road flooding, traffic etc.  Take for example, what happened at the Lekki-Ajah expressway recently because of the flood at Abraham Adesanya.. tell me if some people had known that it would be like that, wouldn’t they have left earlier than they did if they could? I am not saying that it is their fault. All i am saying here is, if you can avoid it by leaving wherever you are early, please do so by all means. Also, If you can, adjust your schedule to fit into time that you know if you enter the road you are somewhat certain you will not meet traffic and even if you do, you won’t spend hours in. I tell you, you do not want to get stuck somewhere with rain, traffic and cold. Not a good experience!



6.   CARRY EXTRA CLOTHING:  If you can, always have a backup clothing. Like the example i gave earlier, where you are wet and have clothes sticking to your body, if you have an extra clothing somewhere in the office, you can easily change there and off you go to your client. Also, since we are trying to avoid falling ill, you can’t have you been wet all day. That is like giving the flu a free pass. In fact, walking around with an extra clothing wont do no harm. Just wrap in an airtight bag and carry around. LOL … The koko here is, just try to avoid been wet for a long time.



7.   FOLLOW YOUR WEATHER FORCASTS: We know sometimes these forecasts are not 100 per cent correct but are accurate most times. So to be in the know, we have to keep up with the weather updates to avoid been caught unawares.



WHEW!!! hope with this few tips of mine , we will stay flu free and make that money!


if you have any comments,suggestions, contributions or questions please let me know in the comment section. I am here for you.


Now you know…

Lady B.

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