Why It’s A Great Time To Be A Landowner In Epe, Lagos


Want to know where the most affordable lands and housing are in Lagos today? The location is Epe, Lagos state.

Why you should invest in Epe?

Developments in Epe

Epe is a developing area of Lagos state with good road networks, landed property is fast appreciating.

The new international airport development project ongoing at Lekki-Epe axis is located in Epe, east of Lagos, Nigeria. It is adjacent to Alaro City. The master plan is complete, and the airport site has been secured on 3500 acres.


Epe boasts of affordable housing, Having a home or property in Epe is more affordable than any other place in Lagos state. If you are middle class and looking for a more habitable and serene location to invest in Lagos state, Epe is your best bet. The cost of labor is relatively cheap than in other parts of the state.

Good Investment

Real estate investment in Nigeria is an investment that is ever-increasing in value. Investing in landed properties in Epe is now a clarion call to investors who want to make massive wealth from property investment in Nigeria. It has been projected that by 2023, Epe will emerge as Lagos’s industrial hub and mega smart city. Prices of land in Epe are fast appreciating.

Want to invest in Epe, It’s the best time possible.

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